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Going Green with Conferencing and Collaboration Tools

January 21, 2013

MeetingZone knows that a successful business should work to preserve the world it’s a part of; after all, if it gets ruined, who’s left to buy their products? After Met Office’s forecast, which predicted that global temperatures in the next few years will meet or break records, it became clear that green IT is important, and thankfully, made more than possible with today’s UC and Collaboration tools.

As the climate negotiations from the United Nations has not resulted in any real plans for cutting greenhouse emissions, MeetingZone is taking it upon itself to put a focus on green IT solutions. For starters, businesses can help reduce their carbon footprint just by letting employees work remotely, and communicating with local and remote colleagues with conferencing and collaboration tools.

"Apart from helping business to operate with the environment very much in mind, conferencing and collaboration also helps to improve productivity and efficiency which ultimately drives up the bottom line.," says Steve Gandy, CEO of MeetingZone. "The deployment of Green IT solutions such as conferencing and collaboration should be very near the top of every Board's agenda – it really is a no-brainer!"

It is true that there are many environmental benefits to online and cloud-based conferencing and collaboration. One can reduce the carbon emissions (and time) wasted traveling to and from offices or other remote locations at no loss to productivity. Too often, people find themselves having to drive long distances to meet at a location that’s equally inconvenient to everyone, resulting in several more cars emitting carbon. The more companies that cut down on that, the lower the overall emissions are.

As such, investing in conferencing and collaboration solutions is a great move, for both the environment and one’s business. Even if you don’t think that climate change is an issue, there are still many other benefits to them, such as improved communication and productivity, which would be worthwhile with or without the added bonus of going green.

MeetingZone’s recommendation should not be overlooked. We can avoid the worst potential damage of climate change by going green, which can be done with just some small changes. Online and cloud conferencing are both convenient for businesses and good for the environment, so there’s really no excuse not to deploy it.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman