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Voxeet Wins Voice App Igniter Challenge

January 17, 2013

Voxeet teleconferencing company is the big winner in the Bandwidth Voice App Igniter Challenge, a title that comes with $600,000 worth of IP communication services from Bandwidth’s inetwork platform. Voxeet CEO and Founder Stephane Giraudie said the services awarded from Bandwidth through the Voice App Igniter Challenger is a testament to “all of our hard work.”

According to a recent Web 2.0 article, Voxeet plans to use the award money to replace antiquated audio conferencing services with its groundbreaking Natural Conferencing App.

"We have spent years on tireless research and development to create a web conferencing solution that is truly different from everything else on the market today,” Giraudie said, in a statement. "Bandwidth's inetwork will help propel us the next level and make Voxeet ubiquitous, while helping millions of people enjoy natural conversations - dramatically improving their collaboration experiences."

Voxeet’s business teleconferencing service, according to the article, is known for its “crystal-clear sound,” its ability to hold multiple conversations at the same time and its catchy audio and visual cues that help users identify who is speaking during the call. Despite the highly competitive market, Voxeet has given businesses a viable alternative to large-scale teleconference companies like GoToMeeting and WebEx.

 Voxeet conference calls are now open to anyone – even those without a Voxeet account. The company already has a version available for PCs, and the enterprise released applications for Android and iPhone today. Additionally, the company is working to develop a program for Mac computers.

Bandwidth’s inetwork is drastically changing the way people think about phone numbers and the capabilities that go along with them, intertwining social media, gaming and other day-to-day applications people encounter.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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