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Sigma Designs Integrates Microsoft Smooth Streaming to Deliver Seamless Live Streaming

December 31, 2012

To deliver seamless High Definition 1080p media content, Sigma Designs – a provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for next-generation intelligent home entertainment, IPTV set-top boxes, DTV, connected media players, residential gateways and home control systems – has integrated Microsoft's Smooth Streaming client technology into Sigma's multimedia chipset solutions.

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming support will be available through Sigma’s SDK 4.0 to run on their SMP8670, SMP8672 and SMP8674 chipsets.

With the help of Microsoft's Smooth Streaming technology, Sigma's highly integrated multimedia chipsets can seamlessly provide high-quality viewing experiences for streaming video content. Smooth Streaming is a feature of Internet Information Services (IIS) Media Services, an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform.

With Smooth Streaming, consumers get minimal buffering and fast startup time, by adjusting the quality of the video stream in real time based on the consumer's changing bandwidth and CPU conditions.

"Simply put, consumers are now viewing more on-line video than ever and they demand high-definition and seamless streaming. At Sigma, we are continuing to deliver a full range of multimedia and connected living solutions to enhance consumers' viewing experience," Mustafa Ozgen, Sigma Design's vice president and general manager of the Home Multimedia business unit, said in a statement. "Our customers need adaptive rate streaming technology, such as Microsoft Smooth Streaming, to ensure that they provide reliable seamless high-definition quality video streams to their end users."

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming adaptive media is a technique that changes video resolution based on the user's bandwidth and fragments content information while upholding HD resolution. OTT providers can use IIS Media Services or Windows Azure Media Services to deliver their content to Sigma's clients, allowing end users to watch high-quality live streaming video without the hassles of antiquated streaming processes.

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming is available for on-demand video content and live broadcasts.

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Edited by Braden Becker