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Vidtel and VTEL Partner to Enable Multiparty Video Conferencing

December 28, 2012

Gone are the days when you had to travel long distances to attend a conference or meeting, as with video conferencing going mainstream, it’s no longer the prerogative of only the ‘rich and famous’ – even small and medium-sized companies can have high-quality face-to-face meetings without having to necessarily be in the same location.

This has been made possible by companies like Vidtel, whose cloud-based MeetMe service enables video conferencing of any-to-any cloud video conferencing services. It recently entered into a partnership with another video conferencing manufacturer- VTEL- that interoperates with its services.

As a result of the partnership, VTEL’s customers can employ MeetMe and conduct business-grade multiparty video conferencing spanning a variety of equipment vendors and service providers, without having to bother about endpoint, platform or service.

“VTEL has a long track history of innovation in video conferencing, so it is not surprising to see VTEL embrace our cloud service," noted Mariette Johnson Wharton, vice president of Marketing and cofounder of Vidtel.

The advantages of using Vidtel MeetMe service are many. The system supports video conferencing between all different types of systems, is affordable, and boasts high quality and necessary simplicity. More importantly, the service does away with the need for expensive bridges or exchange services. 

Together with the flexibility it provides, all this makes Vidtel’s MeetMe a viable option for enterprises, regardless of size, and as the infrastructure is in the cloud and no additional capital expenditure, beyond what is required, is incurred.

"Offering the low cost Vidtel multipoint videoconferencing service along with VTEL IPanels enables our end-users to dramatically reduce the capital expense required to implement an enterprise-wide professional quality video conferencing solution," said Richard Ford, CEO at VTEL.

While Vidtel’s MeetMe services make video conferencing a breeze for VTEL customers, VTEL systems also have something to offer. Its underlying Windows 7 architecture makes it a useful thing to have even in a classroom.

The system can be used to run PowerPoint presentations, play DVDs, display websites, stream video or even view HDTV.

The competitively-priced VTEL video conferencing system appears to be becoming more popular with VTEL’s installed base of tens of thousands of videoconferencing systems in education, healthcare, legal and in commercial corporations, witnessing rapid growth.

Vidtel announced an addition to its gateway service, reportedly bridging WebRTC browsers with third-party video conferencing infrastructure such as Cisco, Polycom or Vidtel's own MeetMe service without the need for plug-ins.

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Edited by Braden Becker