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Voxeet New Android, iPhone Apps Offer Ultimate Conferencing Freedom

December 17, 2012

Voxeet.com, a provider of affordable crystal clear, relaxed conversations, free of the choppy, walkie-talkie strains of traditional solutions, recently introduced new apps for Android devices and the iPhone that offer the ultimate natural conferencing experience.

With these new apps, participants can now switch among devices without disrupting the conversational flow of Voxeet-based conference calls. The conferencing calls of Voxeet are as productive and natural as face-to-face communication, as users hear every word.

"Our new Android and iPhone apps provide the ultimate in conferencing freedom – you no longer have to hang up and redial when you're on the go," Voxeet founder and CEO Stephane Giraudie, said in a statement. "The whole idea of Natural Conferencing is to allow participants from multiple locations to forget about the call and focus on the conversation. Now you don't even have to be at a fixed location to join the flow."

Natural Conferencing boasts immersive 3D sound and speaker recognition that provides audio and visual cues that make it easy to follow who is speaking. The crystal-clear audio is consistent with the natural way the brain interprets sound.

The one-click transfer feature of the natural conferencing allows for seamless mobility that enables a participant to transfer calls between a smartphone and PC or tablet without interrupting the call and disrupting their colleagues.

Facebook and phonebook integration is also one of the other benefits of natural conferencing that makes it easy to share and invite participants.

In related TMC news, Voxeet has been selected to launch its revolutionary game-changing conference call technology at the DEMO Spring 2012 conference in Santa Clara, California.

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Edited by Braden Becker