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TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review

December 15, 2012

It may be impersonal and detached, but your most important meeting of the year won't take place in a conference room, but rather online with a video or Web conference, these days.

Voxeet.com has introduced new Android and iPhone apps that bring innovative conference calling to smartphone platforms. With the Voxeet apps, participants can switch between devices without interrupting the call, while participating in its immersive conference calls.

Voxeet’s natural conferencing technology provides clear conference calling, eliminating background noise. When multiple people talk at the same time, the speaker recognition and immersive 3D sound provide audio and visual indications of who is speaking when. Should one need to speak to someone privately, there’s a whispering mode for conversations that don’t interrupt the conference. And, the one-click transfer lets users transfer calls between smartphones, PCs and tablets without interrupting the call, and with Facebook and phonebook integration, inviting participants is simpler.

"Our new Android and iPhone apps provide the ultimate in conferencing freedom -- you no longer have to hang up and redial when you're on the go," said Stephane Giraudie, Voxeet founder and CEO. "The whole idea of Natural Conferencing is to allow participants from multiple locations to forget about the call and focus on the conversation. Now you don't even have to be at a fixed location to join the flow."

In other conferencing news, Vidtel, provider of any-to-any cloud video conferencing services, has introduced a cloud-based MeetMe service. The new MeetMe service allows video conferencing between room-based systems, executive desktop video systems, PCs/Macs, and mobiles using any combination of SIP, H.323, Skype, GoogleTalk and soon WebRTC technologies.

Additionally, Vidtel has announced another video conferencing manufacturer that interoperates with its service – VTEL. When Vidtel runs on the cloud, the service requires no IT expertise or additional capital expenditure beyond existing systems and is as easy to use as an audio conferencing bridge.

"With Vidtel's MeetMe, VTEL customers will enjoy enormous flexibility in terms of video conferencing with other organizations on SIP, H.323 and web-based standards," said Mariette Johnson Wharton, Vidtel vice president of Marketing and co-founder. "VTEL has a long track history of innovation in video conferencing, so it is not surprising to see VTEL embrace our cloud service."

Lastly, UK-based SureVoIP has recently adapted NetDev’s DRUM, a new Web meeting solution with integrated audio conferencing, to address the growing conferencing and Web meeting market.

The Drum Web meeting consists of audio conferencing on the service provider’s network, plus Web meetings hosted by Drum in a centralized meeting space where meetings are stored. Notes, documents and tasks are available for viewing at any time and audio conference recordings can be replayed at any time. DRUM also inherits a WebRTC conference calling capability that helps the users join their conference call directly from the Web.

“Audio conferencing is a very natural addition to our services, which means an even fuller range of options for our customers,” said Gavin Henry, managing director at SureVoIP. “With DRUM we can extend audio conferencing to a complete web meeting and collaboration solution and WebRTC enabled conference calls can really add value to enterprise meetings and collaboration. By hosting DRUM audio conferencing we maintain ownership of the voice quality and the billing relationship, so we know we can continue to deliver the quality of service that our customers expect from us.”

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