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Vidtel's Cloud Video Conferencing Service Available to VTEL Customers

December 12, 2012

Video conferencing set-top and room systems have changed the way we do business. These systems have made remote face-to-face meetings possible. In recent years, the video conferencing market has changed and many companies have realized the benefit of video collaboration solutions that aid in organizational growth.

Vidtel, a provider of any-to-any cloud video conferencing services, has introduced a cloud-based MeetMe service.

The new MeetMe service allows video conferencing between room-based systems, executive desktop video systems, PCs/Macs, and mobiles using any combination of SIP, H.323, Skype, GoogleTalk and soon WebRTC technologies.

Vidtel has announced another video conferencing manufacturer that interoperates with its service – VTEL.

VTEL systems are based on Windows 7 architecture and the systems may be used to display websites, stream video, play a DVD, run any enterprise PC software, such as PowerPoint, or any conventional HDTV viewing.

When Vidtel runs on the cloud, the service requires no IT expertise or additional capital expenditure beyond existing systems and is as easy to use as an audio conferencing bridge.

"VTEL has been growing rapidly over the last year due to our ability to provide a turnkey group videoconferencing system for under $5,000", said in a statement, Richard Ford, VTEL's CEO. "Offering the low cost Vidtel multipoint videoconferencing service along with VTEL IPanels enables our end-users to dramatically reduce the capital expense required to implement an enterprise-wide professional quality videoconferencing solution."

"With Vidtel's MeetMe, VTEL customers will enjoy enormous flexibility in terms of video conferencing with other organizations on SIP, H.323 and web-based standards," said Mariette Johnson Wharton, Vidtel vice president of Marketing and co-founder. "VTEL has a long track history of innovation in video conferencing, so it is not surprising to see VTEL embrace our cloud service."

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Edited by Brooke Neuman