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Orange Business Services Named Leader in Global Enterprise Market

December 10, 2012

On any given day
A curious one might ask:
Which company would you say
Triumphs at this task?
Which of them could it be,
That leads the global pack,
I’m curious about UC,
Which one’s on the right track?
The answer, my friends, has been made clear,
And… okay, I have to stop the poem here, because nothing rhymes with “Orange.”

Long story short, and in less poetic terms, Orange Business Services has achieved a Leader rating in the global enterprise market for IP telephone and unified communications services, according to Current Analysis. This is its second year in a row, proving its commitment and quality.

With a global reach of over 100 countries, Orange Business Services has supported multinational companies in need of unified communications. From the very outset, it plans new solutions, based on user profiles that combine presence, mobility, IM, telephone, and more, working to provide a synchronized and unified solution that’s easy to understand and use.

Furthermore, the analysis has found that Orange offers a broad range of managed solutions, as well as premise-based solutions based on leading vendor technology and hybrid models. Its cloud-based Business Together as a Service was named the Best Cloud Service at the 2012 World Communication Awards, while it’s also adept at supporting enterprises in their transition from PBX solutions to UC.

On that note, its life cycle services go from consulting, to deployment, and migration, taking enterprises through every step of the process. Its customers receive 24/7 support, while its people, processes, and tools are all ISO certified. With over 10 years of experience helping organizations, it has proven its value.

“Orange Business Services (Orange) is a leader in the global enterprise market for IP telephony and UC services, because it has the global resources, portfolio and customer support organization to deliver these solutions on a consistent basis to MNC customers,” says Sandra O’Boyle, the Research Director of Business Network and IT Services at Current Analysis. “Orange has a focus on delivering complete IPT and UC solutions across leading vendors under the banner of its Business Together portfolio. Its goal is to offer flexible solutions as premise-based, cloud-based or hybrid.”

Nothing rhymes with Orange, and as it is now, nothing can match Orange Business Services. It has earned its Leader rating, and is likely to hold on to that for some time to come, continuing to offer the best services available.

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