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Chatwing Keeps Chat Rooms 'Clean' with Conversation Control Options

December 03, 2012

Staying socially connected has become easier than ever with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter becoming popular with Internet users, and with Chatwing’s free chat widget embedded on thousands of websites, forums and blogging sites, interaction levels have increased remarkably.

The Chatwing team has not been idle. On the contrary, it is always thinking of new ways to attract Internet users and enhance its global chat box. Ever since its inception three years ago, the development team has included many useful features making the chat tool more dynamic than ever.

Chatwing’s newest chat software has incorporated full conversation control options, enabling website and blog owners as well as Web administrators to keep their chat conversations clean and profanity-free.

With thousand users being able to chat simultaneously, this is an important feature as it enhances the site’s professional image and helps owners keep their reputation intact. Administrators and moderators can request users to keep the Web chats clean. However, if that fails, they can automatically filter out the “not-so-good” terms.

Users can also be banned from using the chat tool and messages that are not in good taste can be deleted automatically.

Over the last few months, the Chatwing team has introduced features to upload MP3 files, re-created its tool to meet the demands of online gamers, new background image upload features that can be used by online marketers, a chat app to help online employers recruit personnel, accommodate streaming TV and much more.

The fact that the widget can be customized according to individual tastes and can be leveraged to share information and connect people across the globe has attracted many users. With more and more features being added to the chat tool, Chatwing’s chat application appears to be gaining ground globally.

The Chatwing Development Team recently released a free chat widget for pet lovers in the Pinterest community. This is expected to help people communicate with each other in many ways possible. It will also allow Pinterest pet lovers to find more pet care tips.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey