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TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review

December 01, 2012

Technological innovations in the conferencing space have empowered people to conduct business meetings virtually anytime, anywhere. This week, the industry was filled with new enhancements and developments to make virtual meetings easier.

Recently, the VCI-Group, the biggest independent group of video conferencing and visual communications users, unveiled the Circle of Leadership product, providing an opportunity for its members to display their products and services to the VCI-Group user community.

Additionally, the Leaders Circle offering provides three year discounts for vendor memberships. It also provides direct mail offerings to VCI-Group Members. Other offerings include scheduled NDA-Roadmap presentations to VCI-Group members, access to live webinar series, special introductions to member buyers and purchasing organizations, special VCI-Group website logo placement, and special product announcements.

“We have over 700 user members around the world, and our community is over 5000,” said Todd Hughes, chairman of the VCI-Group Marketing Committee. “We created the Leaders Circle offering to give some of our Alliance vendor members an opportunity to be well positioned with our user community so that whenever our user members are buying new visual communications products and services, they will give these Alliance vendor members special consideration.”

In other news, Cellcrypt, a provider of encrypted cell phone voice calling, launched a new secure conference calling product, Cellcrypt Conferencing. This flexible software-based product is suited for government and enterprise markets and helps improve security for conference call organizers and participants. It increases security for users through a three step risk reduction process and ensures that only authorized callers are able to enter a conference.

For each call, the participants are invited from a list of contacts and later are registered as a whitelisted group on a per call basis. When joining the call, users are triple authenticated through a participant PIN, conference code, and inbound phone number identification. The organizer is offered a real-time authority over active calls and participants with the help of a Web-based management console.

“Cellcrypt has a history of innovation and today's announcement continues the Cellcrypt tradition of bringing leading-edge secure communications products to the market. Given recent hacking publicity, many organizations including businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies now recognize that their conference calls may be vulnerable to interception,” said Richard Greco, Cellcrypt CEO.

Lastly, AnyMeeting has reached a new milestone with over 250,000 registered users. The provider of Web conferencing for small businesses is now larger than most of the companies it serves, thanks to its features, pricing, and integrations that meet the needs of SMBs.

AnyMeeting has been on an integration spree as of late including with VMware’s Zimbra collaboration suite, NetSteps, and the Financial Planning Association. This helped widen AnyMeeting’s audience and expand its range of capabilities, giving it multiple improvements to fuel its growth. Furthermore, it has added new features to make the online meeting experience simpler and better. With fully integrated phone and VoIP audio, a content library, and YouTube video playback integration, it has continued to improve its position in the small business Web conferencing market.

"We are extremely pleased with the tremendous growth the company has seen over the last two years, especially considering that the majority of that growth has been fueled by organic, word of mouth referrals,"  added Costin Tuculescu, president and CEO of AnyMeeting.

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