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Grass Valley Streamlines its Field Resource Planning with Ganttic Software

November 26, 2012

Better managed resources help to maintain a company's profits, and Ganttic has been developing and selling specialized software for the timber industry since 2002. The company is well recognized for its Web-based scheduling and project-planning tool.

Grass Valley, a video technology solutions company, is one of the users of this software.

"Our tools combine resource planning and project management into one seamless application. And because the learning curve is so small, companies can have the system up and running effectively in no time. There's no need for extensive training – Ganttic is visual scheduling at its very best," Indrek Kuldkepp, sales and marketing leader at Ganttic, said in a statement.

In an interview, Tom Ching, Field Service Manager at Grass Valley, indicated Ganttic Web-based scheduling and project-planning tool as very efficient. Ching expressed total satisfaction with Ganttic's intuitive, visual approach to scheduling, as the solution has helped Grass Valley's field resource planning to become more streamlined and efficient with easy access to key project information.

The overall benefit certainly isn't unique to Grass Valley. With Ganttic's ability to provide a bird's eye view of a company's resource utilization, managers can spot available resources easily – no matter the business.

"We use Ganttic all day, every day," said Ching. "It's one of those applications that I leave open on my desktop."

Schedules and projects were previously managed through a smorgasbord approach that included Microsoft Excel files and Outlook calendars. Ganttic put all of that information in one, easily accessible place, creating a one-stop shop for planning service engagements in the field and maintaining optimal levels of phone support.

"One short introductory email to users and we were up and running," said Ching. "Training new users are very easy."

Since Ganttic is Web-based, Grass Valley has all but eliminated the need for resource-intensive Web conferencing applications while keeping team members on the same page regardless of their physical location.

"We have pretty much done away with web conferencing. Changes in Ganttic are in real time. So once a week, we all get on a call and login to Ganttic and review the schedule. If changes are made, it updates in real time on everyone's schedule so we don't have to use Web conferencing anymore for this," said Ching.

Fully customizable fields are just one of the features that made Ganttic an attractive solution for Grass Valley. Users can adapt the planning tools to suit their unique business needs and add custom, project-specific metadata, clarified a Ganttic official.

Ganttic is currently available at three price points, each representing a different maximum number of resources. Company is also offering a no-obligation, 30-day free trial to new users.

All paid packages come with technical support.

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Edited by Braden Becker