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TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review

November 09, 2012

This week may well have marked the end of Skype’s domination with the SmartCall app from Virgin Media. Mikogo also stepped into the conferencing arena with its new solution that combines software, video, voice, data and more sharing options during online meetings. UberConference Business from UberConference is also another revolutionary and innovative solution that reinvented conference calling with smart software that keeps lines clear and clean.

The SmartCall app that I reviewed during the week allows subscribers to make free calls over Wi-Fi connections. The app respects no boundary limitations and will use any Wi-Fi you are connected to make a call. It is almost like the app is extending your home telephone to anywhere and allows you to make calls from anywhere with a compatible Wi-Fi connection. The app eliminates the need to pay to make VoIP calls and offers greater control over your calls.

The UberConference Business is another piece of software from UberConference that hosts up to 40 people on a single conference call. It monitors participation and keeps quiet dormant lines. There is even a “Start Without Me” feature that lets conferences to proceed even when the host is late. Calls can be recorded and saved in the call summary in MP3 format.

Polycom’s adoption continues and this week, the company announced that Bijaj Group from India had adopted Polycom RealPresence video solutions to help eliminate delays, speed operations and improve efficiencies. By adopting the Polycom solution, Polycom officials said that the company had improved delivery times on projects and productivity and has controlled travel time, carbon footprint and expenses.

Mikogo’s new desktop sharing conferencing solution, launched and available for download this week, offers VoIP for voice conferencing and a user interface for desktop sharing. This allows participants to see what the organizer sees and hear what he says with the ability to adjust audio quality or even mute altogether.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli