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UberConference Goes Business-Class

November 09, 2012

UberConference has been uber-charged, with a new enterprise-class version released from Firespotter Labs. The prize-winning software is made to “reinvent” conference calling, with smart software that keeps the line clear and clean.

UberConference Business is an improvement on the previous model in many ways. It hosts up to 40 people on a single conference call, but actively monitors participation to indicate who’s talking when, and keeps the lines of those who aren’t talking quiet. Outbound dialing lets you receive a call when it’s time to start, but even if the host is late, the “Start Without Me” feature lets them start conferences without having to be there.

Each call can be recorded as an MP3 file and saved in the call summary. If there are any questions, a dedicated support team is standing by, and just as an added bonus, the annoying “this free conference call is provided by…” message that usually starts each call is no more.

 It still uses all the features from the regular UberConference products, such as the visual interface, breakout conversations, and “social caller ID,” so people who like the current UberConference won’t have to worry about losing anything.

The business version of UberConference can be downloaded from the Google Apps Marketplace, and can be launched from the Google Apps menu bar.

“With companies spending over $3 billion annually in the U.S. on audio conferencing, users deserve a better experience than what they’ve put up with for the past 30 years,” says Craig Walker, CEO of Firespotter Labs. “UberConference Business offers entire organizations an experience far superior to any other conference calling service available today.”

UberConference has always been a great conference calling solution, and UberConference Business improves it in many ways. With its many features, large conference size, and smart software, it’s not a product to be trifled with. If you’re looking into video conferencing, UberConference is worth checking out.

Edited by Brooke Neuman