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November 08, 2012

Voice Conferencing and Desktop Sharing Rolled into One by Mikogo

By Mini Swamy
TMCnet Contributor

How would it be to share software, video, voice, data, charts, excel sheets and more on your desktop with others during online meetings, without having to use a fixed phone line or a separate voice conferencing solution? Intrigued? Read on!

Mikogo has just released new beta software, version 4.7, combining two powerful forms of online collaboration into one. VoIP for voice conferencing is provided directly within the user interface of the

desktop sharing solution, allowing viewers to share the desktop screen live over the Web, noted company officials.

VoIP has been around for quite a while, so it's nothing to crow about, but the way in which it has been combined with desktop sharing has set the trend for a whole new way to conduct online meetings around the world.

Version 4.7 of the Mikogo software with the included VoIP feature is currently available for download.

By using this software, the desktop is reportedly converted into a powerful communication tool, where the computer's speakers and microphone or an external headset is used to enable Mikogo users to start an online meeting and chat with the participants for free.

The meeting is conducted normally with the desktop screen being presented to other participants while speech is conveyed using VoIP. In fact, the whole set up is so realistic that the audio quality can be adjusted and the voice of the organizer or participant can even be drowned using the 'mute feature.'

As participants can see what the organizer sees and hear what he says, the combination of desktop sharing with a built-in VoIP feature is regarded as a comprehensive solution for online meetings and Web conferencing.

Figures indicate that more than one million users and 3,000 corporate customers currently use Mikogo. With the software's new VoIP capabilities, these users need no longer worry about having to use the fixed landline or other voice conferencing solutions.

“Initially Mikogo was utilized by people already on the phone who needed some visual aid to get the message across to those on the other end of the line,” explained Mark Zondler, managing director of Mikogo.

But that, he noted, changed with the introduction of desktop sharing with built-in VoIP, which is easy and intuitive to use for customers now preferred to use Mikogo as their “number-one solution for Web conferencing and online meetings.”

The new version 4.7 with VoIP is currently a beta release for Windows and has apparently been positively received by the Mikogo customer and user base. Mac users will shortly get the benefit of this new feature.

Edited by Braden Becker

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