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Compunetix, Compunetics, Chorus Call and Sonexis Give Employees Time Off to Vote

November 02, 2012

The world is waiting with batted breath to see the next US President. With the grand event of electing the most powerful man in the world being only a few days away, the preparation is in full swing. Set to play their part in keeping up with the nation’s democratic tradition, the corporate sector has come up with the Election Day policies. In a gesture of encouragement to their employees, four companies---Compunetix, Inc., Compunetics, Inc., Chorus Call, Inc. and Sonexis, Inc.--- are offering a half-day off to their employees on November 6th, in order to exercise their democratic right.

Compunetix is engaged in developing state-of-the-art multimedia multipoint telecommunications systems for audio/videoconferencing and mission-critical applications, while Compunetics, Inc. is a  manufacturer of printed circuit boards for the defense, aerospace, communication, high speed computing, medical and semiconductor markets for rigid, flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

Chorus Call, Inc. provides teleconferencing service, while Sonexis provides audio conferencing bridge.

The companies took up a non-partisan approach in allowing all employees time off during the work day to vote. The half-day leave will work for a successful employee turnout on Election Day, the companies expressed their hopes in a news statement. Employees will have to present valid proof that they voted to receive four additional hours of paid time off (PTO).

Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, president of the four companies and himself a naturalized American citizen feels strongly that employees should exercise this important right.

This innovative initiative to encourage all eligible employees to participate in the election process is a brainchild of Coraluppi.

"We do not care whom they vote for, just that they vote. We want to eliminate any barriers to the voting process,” Dr. Coraluppi explained in a statement.

Edited by Brooke Neuman