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Logitech Makes HD Video Affordable with ConferenceCam

November 01, 2012

If you’ve wanted to start video conferencing, but haven’t been able to afford the expensive cameras and hardware, Logitech has the solution for you. The Logitech ConferenceCam provides a quality camera and video conferencing solution that works on most video and UC platforms, as well as most video chat and business collaboration software.

The ConferenceCam is in its core a webcam, but a webcam that works with any PC or Mac with a sensitive microphone, built-in speakerphone, and HD 1080p 30fps camera that can be adjusted with a remote control. Its 78 degree field of view can be panned 90 degrees in any direction, as well as zoom in and out, while the remote also offers volume controls and controls for answering and ending calls.

The ConferenceCam is perfect for small groups needing to make business calls, as it can move comfortably, capture audio even from a distance, and provide crisp sound. Given its size, it doesn’t need to take an entire room, and can work with just about any conferencing or UC platform, so one won’t have to find a new, expensive video program to use with it.

The video comes in crisp HD quality, with clear audio as well. For the highest HD quality, 5 to 8 megabits per second of uplink capacity is required, but those with less will be able to use it still. The device has a street price of around $200, making it moderately affordable, particularly for the quality it has.

This is a rather nice camera, and provides great quality for the price. Small groups needing good video will benefit greatly from it, especially those in need of higher quality video conferencing. Simply put, it’s a darn good camera.

Edited by Rich Steeves