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Media Vision Introduces Attend Technology Solution for Multilingual Remote Participation

November 01, 2012

Media Vision USA, a provider of professional wired and wireless conferencing solutions, recently launched a technology solution for multilingual remote participation.

Designed and manufactured in California, Attend will allow remote attendees to dial in to a meeting and both listen and speak in their preferred language. It will prove to be extremely useful for organizations holding multilingual meetings.

Officials said that the solution will be a source of travel costs savings and will enhance the quality of meetings as it encourages the inclusion of more meeting participants and thus more expertise than would otherwise be possible.

“The launch of Attend is a great step forward for our company and the international meeting community that we support” said Fardad Zabetian, CEO of Media Vision USA. “Enhancing communication in cross-cultural settings has always been our core focus.”

Contained in a self-contained hardware unit, Attend acts as the interface between the in-room audio system and the teleconference cloud service.

In order to connect directly to the floor and up to 15 language channels as supported by the interpreters at the meeting venue, the Attend Multilingual Remote Audio Interface offers line-level inputs and outputs.

Authorized users, with the help of the web-based interface to the audio teleconferencing service will be able to create, schedule and manage meetings and decide on a wide range of meeting parameters such as security and login, dial-in or dial-out and VoIP parameters.

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