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Cinchcast Connect Gets Universal PIN Code Access for Enterprise Conference Calls

October 31, 2012

Web conferencing technologies, along with fast internet and IP network technologies, have become prominent tools to increase the productivity of businesses.  Cinchcast Connect, a cloud-based, enterprise solution for virtual events, webcasts and conference calls, is now available with Universal PIN Code Access. Cinchcast, a provider of solutions for enterprise conference calls has announced that its product Cinchcast Connect’s Universal PIN Code simplifies conference calls and webcasts for event hosts and participants.

 This new capability offers enterprise customers to simplify event participation, streamline call management and moderation, and enhance data quality on call participation report.

Registered users of the Cinchcast Connect solution will receive a unique PIN code to access the audio conferencing portion of corporate events hosted on the Cinchcast platform. Each user does not have to wait on hold to be screened by operators prior to entering events.

Additionally, users who attend multiple corporate events (Employee Town Halls, Team Meetings, Earnings /Analyst Calls); once an individual has registered on the Cinchcast platform, their unique PIN code will always be the same.

"In an environment where companies are looking to increase efficiencies and cut costs anywhere they can, Cinchcast delivers significant cost savings and an improved user experience on critical internal and external communications such as employee town hall meetings, all hands meetings, earnings calls, employee training, and marketing events," said in a statement Alan Levy, CEO of Cinchcast.

Cinchcast is available with easy-to-understand per-event pricing and monthly subscriptions. By leveraging Universal PIN Code Access, the information related to registered participants also made available in the Cinchcast Connect Studio Switchboard. So the participant can also manage and track question and answer secession of conference.

Overall, the enterprise event hosts can also improve the data quality on information for call participants, as data is no longer subject to the interpretation and transcription of third-party operators.

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