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Vidyo Unveils Affordable HD Video Conferencing Solutions

October 24, 2012

Vidyo is now offering enhanced and higher quality HD video conferencing at affordable prices that are 10 times lesser than competitive offerings.

Built over the third generation SVC software platform and leveraging the latest innovative technology, the Vidyo video conferencing platform works seamlessly over both legacy H.323 and SIP based endpoints and infrastructure and the new generation SVC endpoints, unified communications clients, and voice only participants.

The latest affordable video solutions from the company are slated to be demonstrated at an event where visitors can learn about how these new solutions help drive them toward better infrastructure, end-user experience and additional savings in networking costs.

Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo’s co-founder and CEO commented, “Vidyo is the only company in the market today shipping 3rd generation SVC-based products that already incorporate years of field experience, customer feedback and robust intellectual property. Our latest innovations continue to demonstrate our technology lead and our commitment to make hardware oriented business models obsolete. Vidyo was the first company to identify and prove that a new software-based architecture was needed to deliver the scale required to support hundreds of millions of personal endpoints. We congratulate the new entrants into this market, as they will help us continue to drive the industry's adoption of standards-based scalable (SVC) protocol, either H.264 or H.265.”

Some of the new offerings from Vidyo are:

  • A new executive desktop system – priced at only $750, the new system supports 1080p30 encode and 1440p60 decode that is two times the resolution supported by conventional 1080p desktop appliances that also cost 10 times more than Vidyo’ offerings;
  • First ever HEVC (h265) codec for video conferencing – HEVC supposedly requires only half the bit rate of H.264 SVC to achieve the same or better quality at 1080p60 and the company’s future proof software approach in incorporating the new codec overcomes the obsolescence of currently deployed assets as is common for customers of hardware vendors;
  • Web browser telepresence-quality experience – Vidyo’s first ever browser-based 1440 system seamlessly connects a video conference to Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other business video apps;
  • Open standards-based multi-protocol video conferencing – the newly developed multi-protocol media server is capable of supporting H.264 AVC, H.264 SVC, H.263, H.323 and SIP and more.

Edited by Brooke Neuman