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October 15, 2012

ON24 Announces New Presentation Manager XD Suite

By Oliver VanDervoort
Contributing Writer

ON24 has long specialized in webcasts and virtual communication technology. The company recently managed to strengthen its hold on that market with the announcement of its newest software the Presentation Manager XD. The company has taken quite a few steps over the last few years to improve its virtual event platform, and Presentation Manager XD is a big step forward in that endeavor.

This particular solution is geared toward helping the webcast presenter in particular and among the benefits it can offer is a much easier to use and access dashboard for better control. This new dashboard is supposed to allow presenters to do what they do best, in presenting and spending less time trying to get the software setup and working just right.

Presentation Manager XD is now available for users of Webcast Elite, which is ON24's do-it-yourself presentation solution that allows new creation and then easy deployment of high quality webcasts that can be produced in a couple of relatively simple steps, from the comfort of a personal desktop. The interface with Presentation Manager XD has been made a little bit sleeker and offers features such as an interactive storyboard, movable and resizable windows and better question and answer functionality with the people the presenter is presenting to.

Sharat Sharan, CEO of ON24 talked about the new Presentation Manager XD software in a recent statement, saying, "The global reach, reliability and performance of the ON24 platform are unmatched, as is the convenience of the Webcast Elite product, and now, ON24 has once again advanced the state of the art by giving webcast presenters a flexible and intuitive user interface that makes presenting in a webcast easier and less stressful and ultimately results in better presentations and increased audience engagement."

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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