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VCI-Group to Host Exploratory Meeting for End Users of Videoconferencing Industry

October 08, 2012

Video Conferencing Industry Group, originally formed as the Polycom Users Group, has said that it will host an exploratory meeting to investigate the benefits of initiating and supporting the formation of users groups for multiple vendors, products and services within the videoconferencing industry.

Calling the exploratory meeting an opportunity for end users in the videoconferencing industry, David Maldow, industry analyst and Advisory Council member of the VCI-Group, said that it will help create and shape user groups for the products and services they have purchased.

In addition, he also sees it as an opportunity for vendors to leverage the resources of the VCI-Group and mitigate the costs and risks of creating user groups. “We can use the experience and resources of the VCI-Group to help vendors throughout the industry develop and launch users groups that can help provide valuable product information and feedback.”

A knowledge sharing-community, the VCI-Group influences the Visual Communications Industry. It comprises of more than 450 end-users and vendors focused on videoconferencing, telepresence, unified communications and/or collaboration technology.

Members of the group are part of the companies that make visual communications purchasing decisions or recommendations, create implementation strategies and/or support the technology. Moreover, VCI-Group focuses on facilitating educational and peer networking in the conferencing and collaboration industry.

The driving force of this group is to keep the membership very well informed and connected to their network of member professionals. Maldow said that the session at the Monterey event is focused on exploring the idea of VCI-Group becoming the overarching mother ship for a number of smaller users groups created around specific vendors, products and services.

Edited by Brooke Neuman