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Visimeet Mobile Brings iPad, iPhone Users into the Conversation

October 03, 2012

IOCOM announced yesterday that their new Visimeet Mobile video conferencing tool is currently available for iOS devices, giving those with iPads and iPhones the opportunity to join in on Visimeet Mobile conferences, whether they're taking place in conference rooms or anywhere within range of a Wi-Fi connection.

Since Visimeet Mobile offers its collaboration and conferencing services with a cloud-based environment, the ability to make that connection remotely is much improved. Largely regardless of location, Visimeet Mobile users will be able to receive presentations created in PowerPoint and review them on their home system of choice (as long as it works with PowerPoint presentations), share URLs, send snapshot images, and exchange instant messages among those at the meeting.

Those interested in trying Visimeet Mobile themselves will have plenty of options; a free account can be had by visiting IOCOM's website, and the Visimeet app itself is available in the Apple App Store.

IOCOM's CEO, Tim Hackett, described the value in the Visimeet Mobile solution with his remarks: "By enabling users with mobile devices to effectively participate in video conferences with room systems and desktop users, Visimeet is taking a giant step toward ensuring our customers increase productivity while reducing cost and complexity of their collaboration solutions. Visimeet gives users the ability to meet and collaborate at any time, on any device, regardless of their location."

This may well be the strongest expression of Visimeet's value. While the BYOD--Bring Your Own Device--concept is gaining ground with a lot of companies, and the value of a mobile workforce is also showing much more promise for businesses looking to save money on facilities expenses, the idea of turning a workforce loose to do their jobs still leaves many companies squeamish at best.

Being able to quickly bring everyone together for face-time meetings provides an extra note of assurance that employees aren't simply collecting a check by sitting around all day watching television in their pajamas, but rather that the necessary work is getting done.

Mobile workers are a valuable part of a changing economy, and with that change comes opportunities for added value. The Visimeet Mobile solution from IOCOM should go a long way toward providing value with the necessary tools to keep a mobile workforce productive.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman