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Skype Launches Crowd Funding Campaign Called Skype for Peace

September 24, 2012

The Skype software has a ton of different uses. More and more businesses have found that they can use Skype to communicate with their employees, even when their employees are not actually in the office or even the state. People using Skype can also communicate long distance with friends or family members they may not have seen in person for months or even years.

 Now, the video conferencing software is leading the way on a new crowd funding campaign.  This new campaign is being called Skype for Peace, and Skype is willing to match every dollar that is donated by the software’s users to the campaign.

All of the proceeds will be donated to Peace One Day and Skype has said that users can donate $10 and up and the company will match those donations to the program up to $100,000. Peace One Day is a charity that works to teach students to come up with a non-violent approach to almost every situation. This particular crowd funding campaign is geared toward helping Peace One Day expand their global reach in staffing and technologically.

Skype has been working hard since their acquisition by Microsoft to put together a product that will become more popular for VoIP users who need a top notch tool in that area. They have worked on putting in new codecs that will make the voice quality of the application that much better and they have worked on programming code that means the program will pull less power when it comes to data consumption. All of that is good news for its affiliates and programs like Peace One Day, which is depending on Skype’s users being plentiful and being happy. 

Skype is also showing that it and Microsoft are not only about the bottom line by participating in a program like this. The Skype for Peace campaign started on September 21 and is running through November 21.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman