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Connexus Showcases Investment-Free Vidyo HD Videoconferencing at ATA

September 11, 2012

Connexus recently announced that it will be showcasing its capability to eliminate initial investments involved with Vidyo HD Videoconferencing at the American Telemedicine Association.  

In a release, Jonathan Schlesinger, CEO of Connexus said, “What could be more innovative and ground breaking than providing the most prolific videoconferencing solution in healthcare today, Vidyo, with no upfront cost to hospitals, physicians, and patients and or healthcare solutions providers? We have been providing secure HIPPA approved videoconferencing solutions and support for healthcare providers and developers for a long time and we understand the need to have the best videoconferencing technology at the lowest possible cost, in fact no upfront capital cost at all. And we also understand that most organizations do not have their own remote support personnel, so we deliver the support as well.”

Connexus will showcase the cloud-based service Connexus-on-Demand, which is powered by Vidyo, at the ATA Fall Forum. Ideal for healthcare providers, developers and resellers, Connexus-on-Demand integrates the strengths of the Vidyo platform along with the costing, services and branding capability required by both, the solutions providers and end users. Pioneering developers are offered videoconferencing solutions by Connexus that help them completely focus on applications and solutions.

Developers, audio, video and unified communications service providers and resellers can now promote and vend Vidyo HD desktop videoconferencing and collaboration capabilities, which can be accessed across all networks and devices, with Connexus-on-Demand. Service providers and resellers are also offered capability to transform Vidyo to ISDN, conventional H.323, iPhone and iPad for no extra cost using Connexus- on-Demand.

The HD Vidyo platform has been integrated with the proprietary and highly tuned application software by Connexus-on-Demand technology, thereby assisting healthcare service providers and resellers to configure and generate extremely low usage based pricing for end users in a simplified manner. The pricing for the offering begins at $60.00 each year with no initial investments.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman