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WCCI Introduces its V2VIP Video Softphone for PCs, Laptops

August 24, 2012

In this tech- savvy world, imagining business without a phone is impossible. A cell phone is probably one of the top five tools of running a business smoothly, but businesses always look for a cell phone plan that meets their communications needs, while keeping the cost low.

V2VIP, a business phone service with high-performance video softphones and IP phones that redefines video calling for small-to-medium businesses and healthcare agency communications, has been launched by Wind Currents Communications.

The new V2VIP softphone, which downloads to a PC or laptop, utilizes a H.264 video codec to enable in-network video calling over any high-speed or WiFI Internet connection.

Established in 2007, WCCI is an Internet Phone Service company specializing in Voice-and-Video-over-IP products and calling plans.

Bundled with V2VIP service, “it operates affordably and reliably over existing network infrastructures, even firewalled environments,” said CEO John Monahan, “[eliminating] huge upfront costs and complexities in video telephony. V2VIP service is a fully managed voice-and-video solution.”

 Only 128 Kbps of bandwidth and an HD video quality setting is needed for V2VIP video softphones. V2VIP requires expandable window for video display; picture-in-picture, and contact management options. It can be used to make calls to any telephone number in the U.S. or Canada.

V2VIP Internet phone service, video phones, V2VIP video softphone and IP phones are smart, affordable investments for small businesses and other agencies seeking more advanced telecommunication solutions, while slashing monthly telephone costs.

“TelePresence is a reality we've been marketing since 1997, and now is the optimum time to leverage the value and benefits of V2VIP services and products for your business' video telephony and telecommunications needs,” said Monahan.

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Edited by Braden Becker