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Advanced AV Can Use Vidtel's Cloud-Based MeetMe Video Conferencing Service

July 23, 2012

Advanced AV's business, education, government and customers now have the choice of using Vidtel's cloud-based MeetMe video conferencing service. This will be possible through the new channel partner program signed between Vidtel and Advanced AV.

Vidtel, the pioneer of any-to-any video conferencing service, announced that Advanced AV has joined its channel partner program as its first announced partner in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Through the Vidtel's channel partner program, AV integrators get new prospects to attract price-sensitive small and medium enterprises (SME). The AV integrators can also upsell larger customers and escape product commoditization by transforming video conferencing into a service-based business.

Vidtel's MeetMe video conferencing service allows any-to-any video conferences, which can be between telepresence suites, executive desktop video systems, PCs/Macs, smartphones and tablets using any combination of SIP, H.323, Skype and Google Talk technologies.

“Vidtel's channel program gives AV integrators a way to profit from video conferencing's entrance into the mainstream market,” said John Greene, Advanced AV VP of Sales and Marketing. “By transforming video conferencing into more of services offering while making it more affordable for more organizations, MeetMe enables us to stay competitive and profitable at a time when many integrators are struggling with the new reality of commoditization.”

With the help of MeetMe, Advanced AV can up sell existing video conferencing clients by broadening their room-based and executive-desktop systems from vendors such as Cisco and InFocus. The end client can access video conferencing via PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets running Skype and Google Talk.

This flexibility capitalizes on the value of the customers’ video conferencing investments by allowing them to serve as more than executive intercom systems.

“Advanced AV is exactly the kind of partner we had in mind when we launched our channel program eight months ago: savvy, forward-thinking and ready to turn the problems of pricing pressure and price sensitivity into opportunities,” said Vidtel CEO Scott Wharton.

Vidtel was recently in the news when CounterPath and Vidtel announced interoperability to offer affordable mobile video conferencing services to small and medium enterprises (SME). Both companies will make sure that interoperability between CounterPath's Bria softphone for PCs and mobile devices and Vidtel's MeetMe service.

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Edited by Braden Becker