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C3 Uses Prosody X Media Processing Boards to Deliver Conferencing Application to University

July 23, 2012

Aculab, a provider of a comprehensive range of cloud-based, software based and hardware based telephony platforms announced that its Prosody X media processing boards have been leveraged by its long-standing partner, C3 to deliver conferencing services to the Cambridge University.

C3 has leveraged Aculab’s Prosody X media processing boards to add its Network Conferencing application to the University’s existing C3 Messaging /IVR system. This not only helped extend the life of the university’s original investment, it helped create an in-house network platform that can provide flexible voice conferencing facilities for a single, fixed fee. 

The C3 Apcentia platform incorporating C3’s Fusion product is based on Aculab’s Prosody X media processing boards. With Prosody X supporting messaging, IVR and conferencing features as standard, the Aculab solution was able to add its conferencing application in a straightforward manner. An upgrade to add capacity (adding additional DSP resources) was all that was required to future proof the system for the expected increase in usage, C3 acknowledged in a press release.

Aculab Product Manager Andrew Nicholson, pointed out that Prosody X resources already included support for ourselves. The same principle could be used in the future to extend the University system, he suggested.wideband audio, so an upgrade to support this capability was be an easy win for C3 and

John Wood, one of the co-owners of C3 said that Prosody X provided C3 with a highly flexible platform upon which to run its applications. “Aculab’s Prosody X technology allows us to deploy TDM and SIP-based systems that can be fully migrated to 100% IP Telephony with no application disturbance, or the need to replace system components”, noted John Wood, Joint Owner C3. ”The flexible enabling technology also provides an extensible foundation to facilitate the adding of more applications. This extends the usefulness of the system and the end customer’s ROI,” Wood explained in a statement.

Last month Aculab announced that using the detection of changes in the voice,  Aculab is aiding the development of a quick and cost-effective way of objectively scoring the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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