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Mobile Platform Unveiled for Bizzingo's Validated Social Network

July 02, 2012

Bizzingo, Inc. has unveiled a mobile platform as it moves into the initial stages of introducing an authorized social network for business. The networking tool, Bizzingo Conference, is one of the initial applications introduced on the mobile platform and allows speakers to interrelate with their audience. With Bizzingo Conference currently available, Bizzingo also aims to unveil many such applications this summer.

Bizzingo Conference, which has its foundation on the company’s mobile platform, allows speakers to receive audience response in real-time. Similarly, the conference tool allows speakers to collect contact information, prioritize follow-ups, and endorse their presentation on social networks. Speakers are able to perform all these activities without downloading any mobile application. Speakers can also generate a profile with their company information and connect it to their current social network through this tool.

Bizzingo has utilized IntroMe, Inc.’s technology, which is awaiting patent status, to develop Bizzingo Conference. The technology from IntroMe has been utilized at several events like DEMO, Wedbush Securities Second Internet Conference and TwilioCon. Currently, mobile subscribers in the U.S. and Canada can avail this tool for no extra cost.

In a release, Douglas Toth, CEO of Bizzingo said, "Each year roughly 10 million presenters speak to hundreds of millions of audience members. Our conference tool provides a huge opportunity for thought leaders to connect with common interest groups at a deeper level."

The foundation of the Bizzingo platform will include common interest groups, as ways to be in touch, join forces and improve businesses in a reliable environment are normally required by these companies. Speakers, conference organizers and businesses will be able to get together, connect and follow-up with their audience in a more persuasive manner with Bizzingo Conference.

Toth said, "Bizzingo Conference is the initial onboarding component. It is the first step in building our platform, a validated social network for business."

The social media company, Bizzingo is in the process of developing a validated social network for business. An assortment of mobile and Web-based applications, which concentrate on developing significant business connection, comprises the Bizzingo platform. Members are able to interact and extend deeper business opportunities with the trusted environment offered by Bizzingo.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey