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IOCOM Announces Cash for Clunkers Video Conferencing Program

June 18, 2012

IOCOM is allowing video conferencing infrastructure to be traded in for cloud based solutions through its new Cash for Clunkers program.

Through this initiative, IOCOM is enabling companies to trade in old video conferencing infrastructure and devices for new servers and licenses to IOCOM's software-based solution that can be run across the entire organization.

"Hardware-based video conferencing solutions are expensive and time consuming to maintain and with the rise of employees working remotely, organizations are looking for new methods to easily and cost effectively scale their legacy systems. IOCOM's cloud-based platform, Visimeet, is just the thing to do it," said Tim Hackett, IOCOM CEO.

IOCOM is provider of video conferencing and collaboration solutions. The company notes that participants of this promotion can receive new servers to host IOCOM's cloud based video conferencing solution.

Known as Visimeet, this cloud based video conferencing solution allows for secure H.323/SIP bridging into large conference suites that may remain after the trade in. Visimeet keeps people connected through video, audio, and data conferencing by working with many internet-enabled products such as room systems and mobile devices.

This solution helps users to scale their existing, hardware-based, video conferencing solutions to accelerate decision-making and improve productivity. IOCOM claims that Visimeet also facilitates better communication between employees, regardless of their locations.

"We continually hear that our customers are tired of incumbent systems with mandated updates and are looking for something new. We're confident that Visimeet can meet the demands of any organization and we're putting our money where our mouth is," added Hackett.

Earlier this month, IOCOM teamed with Vidtel so that any combination of IOCOM, Skype, GoogleTalk, H.323 and SIP participants can join an IOCOM Web collaboration session from mobile devices, PCs/Macs and telepresence suites with Vidtel Gateway.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli