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InterCall is Frost & Sullivan's Conferencing Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific

June 12, 2012

InterCall announced that, for the fifth consecutive year, it has been named as Frost & Sullivan’s Conferencing Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific. The award recognized the company’s revenue growth, portfolio diversity, major wins and key achievements in financial year, 2011.

The Frost & Sullivan Awards are presented to companies that demonstrate best practices in their industry, commending the diligence, commitment, and innovative business strategies required to advance in the global marketplace, and the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards honored those who pushed the boundaries of excellence – rising above the competition and demonstrating outstanding performance across Asia Pacific. Awards were presented under four main categories: Enterprise Vendor Categories, Telecom Vendor Categories, Service Provider Categories and The Best of the Best. InterCall won the Conferencing Service Provider of the Year honor under the Enterprise Vendor categories.

“The InterCall team is excited to be winning this prestigious award again. Our company has a strategic focus on investing in innovation and solution development especially for our Asia Pacific customer base, and hence this long-standing and well recognized industry honor is testament to our continued success in delivering customer value within this dynamic region and the changing market” said Hain MacKay-Cruise, Managing Director of InterCall Asia Pacific, in a press release.

Frost & Sullivan acknowledged that InterCall has been honored for the fifth consecutive year because it managed to maintain its place as the prominent brand in the conferencing and collaboration services market across Asia Pacific. InterCall is stated to have grown as 23.8 percent in 2011 alone. Though InterCall concentrated on driving market awareness and penetrating emerging economics like China and India, it still targeted growth verticals of banking and financial services, manufacturing and healthcare in mature markets like Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Edited by Brooke Neuman