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OVCC Looks to Begin Initial Offering of Video Conferencing Tools

June 11, 2012

Even with things like Skype and Facetime, video calling is still not as mainstream as you may think. And even so, the services that tend to be used by the majority of people are on the lower end of video calling technology and quality. What if video calling was as simple and accessible as the phones in your business? Well with a new collaboration with the Open Visual Communications Consortium, or OVCC for short, video calling may start to become more common.

Supported by eight different network and managed service provider, the OVCC collaboration marks the first service milestone for the providers to move towards a plan that will hopefully result in delivering high-quality video collaboration connecting any vendor, any network and any device, anywhere. Though there are eight networks backing it, there are mainly four that have developed an interconnected network for the system. These carriers are AT&T, Bharti Airtel, Masergy, and Orange Business Services. The other four backing the collaboration are BCS Global, BT, Glowpoint, and Verizon.

"These OVCC members will support and deliver the first high-quality, multi-network video calls that are as effortless for enterprise users as setting up an audio conference," said Andrew McFadzen, OVCC president. "The OVCC blueprint and best practices for multi-network video calls will remove the burden of technical details like network interoperability and service coordination from the enterprise so business users can focus on business."

The initial offering won’t have all the bells and whistles that come with video conferencing but it won’t be devoid of features either. Users will be able to schedule video conferences that are secure and share presentations, documents, and PDFs while simultaneously having a video conference

While the OVCC has good intentions and goals, it appears to still be in a somewhat beta phase. Its goal of completely interconnected video conferencing is still a ways away, but this is a nice step in bringing video conferencing to the business mainstream.