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Brother International Intros OmniJoinWeb and Video Conferencing Service

June 05, 2012

Brother International Corporation has rolled out its new Web and video conferencing service, OmniJoin, which can offer video image (up to HD) and audio quality, along with an intuitive interface for businesses.

The new cloud-based system is suitable for all sizes of businesses, helping them save on travel time and expenses. Users can switch to OmniJoin meetings to interact with their team, and can also edit documents in real time and save the marked-up files for future reference.

Users can experience secure video meeting recording, allowing them to concentrate on the discussions, knowing that they can replay the meeting again later. In addition, the OmniJoin service is built to offer users a secure, encrypted connection and free customer support for the life of their licenses.

"Until now, experiences with Web and video conferencing have often been disappointing and frustrating," said Bill Henderson, Vice President of Brother International Corporation. "Due to inconsistent video quality and poorly synched audio, online meetings have not always been acceptable substitutes for in-person meetings. The new OmniJoin service from Brother changes all that. It offers crystal-clear video quality and seamlessly-synched audio, along with fantastic collaboration tools. Finally, businesses can enjoy productive online meetings that virtually feel like being face-to-face."

Those interested may choose from a single-host version – which starts at $49 per month – and allows up to 30 meeting attendees, 12 of which can be "video attendees" with live faces shown.

The new OmniJoin Pro starts at $79 per month and can support even more total attendees and video attendees – perfect for bigger workgroups and departments. Both versions are available in cost-effective annual licenses, which provide 12 months of service for the price of 10.

Brother International also offers customizable OmniJoin Enterprise packages for larger organizations, including toll-free audio plan minutes and a priority support hotline.

Edited by Braden Becker