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Vu TelePresence Gets Video Conferencing Products and Solutions Contract by PEPPM

May 23, 2012

Vu TelePresence, a provider of telepresence technology, announced that it has been awarded a contract for video conferencing products and solutions, by PEPPM, a national technology bidding and purchasing program.

"We are delighted to be recognized by PEPPM as an approved vendor for video conferencing products and solutions. This contract is a crucial step for us as we continue to focus our sights on the education, non-profit, state and local government markets. We feel that this is a great opportunity for us to develop our business and gain greater brand awareness in these key verticals," stated Devita Saraf, Co-Founder of Vu TelePresence.

"We have already had success in these markets and are optimistic about the number of added partnerships to gain," said Saraf.

PEPPM has been responsible for over $2 billion worth of technology products purchased by schools, libraries, government and non-profit agencies, since its inception. PEPPM orders are placed quickly, secure, bid-protected purchasing environment, e-Commerce system, and powerful search engines.

PEPPM has offered friendly customer pricing, volume discount consideration, catalog bid awards, promotions, and shipping costs included in price.

Vu TelePresence is used by any one or any business where direct, clear, person-to-person communication is necessary. Its systems are in demand and utilized by companies and professionals around the globe. Vu TelePresence will be introducing and educating PEPPM buyers on the features and benefits of the Vu system.

Because the Vu technology is so versatile, its business solutions are applicable in many industries, medical, manufacturing, government, finance, legal, non-Profit, education, media, consulting, architectural.

Also, at the heart of Vu TelePresence’s system is its VirtualFacets compression technology which makes it possible to deliver a sharp, professional, high-definition image and clear, duplex audio without the need for a costly dedicated data line.  Over $11 million and two years of research were spent in developing the innovative technology platform which enables Vu’s unique system to work.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli