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Avega Partners with LifeSize

May 14, 2012

To communicate with employees, vendors and clients, a company needs a video conferencing infrastructure to record video sessions, conduct large multiparty video calls, tunnel through firewalls and manage bandwidth and other functions. Video conferencing infrastructure provides a company with the tools to do more and to communicate faster and more efficiently. It also helps the company in reaching more people and to enhance the performance of their existing video technologies.

Avega has partnered with LifeSize Communications to help companies communicate more efficiently, with reliable deployment and management capabilities for IT administrators.

Many experts consider video as the next wave of business communication as it gets rid of the time, cost and pollution associated with travel. LifeSize products from Avega offer improved quality of experience, special flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership, letting people everywhere enjoy the various benefits of video communications. The company provides HD data sharing, which is available for remote desktops and small conference rooms, the company stated in a press release.

“In today's work place, video has become a very important application and key way of communications for businesses of all sizes, in fact video has become the new Voice!” says Steve D'Agostino, president and founder of Avega Inc. “Our clients want high-quality; cost-effective video solutions that help drive employee productivity, collaboration and reduce the hassle and cost of travel. LifeSize, the Partner that pioneered high definition video communications, has taken HD to the next level.”

Recently, the company introduced Aios Wi-Fi entertainment technology platform, which includes networked music players, graphical hand-held controllers and PC controller software. Aios networked audio distribution and control technology facilitates a user anywhere in the home to choose among in-home audio media sources, including media players, PCs, NAS libraries or USB storage, as well as combined access to music from Rhapsody, BiBC and Internet radio powered by RadioTime.

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