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Vu TelePresence, Vidtel Partner to Launch Multi-Party, Multi-Vendor Video Conferencing Service

May 14, 2012

A new video conferencing service by Vu TelePresence is launching to offer cost-effective, multi-vendor video conferencing capabilities. The solution will target small- and medium-sized businesses looking to video conference but cannot afford or access the existing services.

The MeetMe multi-party video conferencing service will be able to support up to 12 participants using Google GTalk, H.323, SIP or Skype endpoints.

Vu TelePresence has been a major innovator in video conferencing technology. Its use of VirtualFacets technology, which incorporates low bandwidth HD video, also supports interoperability with third-party systems. The Vu TelePresence Pro supports HD video of 720p and 1080p for both office and remote use.

By partnering with Vidtel, Vu TelePresence now bridges its services to include a variety of devices. The solution will be tailored to fit small- and medium-sized markets as a subscription service or use on a per-minute basis. Before the partnership with Vidtel, Vu users could only connect with other Vu users.

The addition of the Vidtel MeetMe service, however, now allows other standard and non-standard users to connect.

“Vu’s customer base will now have the opportunity to easily access the Vidtel MeetMe service, which provides them with an enterprise-grade conferencing solution that is both easy to implement, cost-effective and more complete in the array of video endpoints able to be used by participants,” said Vidtel CEO Scott Wharton, who believes the relationship with Vu will benefit the SME marketplace. “Vu’s market penetration will also serve Vidtel well by allowing it access to a wider customer base. As the pioneer of any-to-any cloud video conferencing service, Vidtel offers high level compatibility between diverse business-grade video endpoints like SIP and H.323 and consumer-grade video endpoints like Skype and Google.”

The service will be delivered through the Vu reseller network.

Edited by Braden Becker