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Vidyo and AMD Global Telemedicine Join to Integrate Visual Communications and Medical Devices and Records

May 07, 2012

Vidyo, Inc., a provider of personal telepresence, and AMD Global Telemedicine, a supplier of medical technology for clinical telemedicine, today announced a partnership that will integrate Vidyo's software-based solution with AMD's telemedicine platform to help clinicians simplify their workflow with a single user interface that integrates visual communication with information from medical devices and medical records. 

The solution combines Vidyo’s Healthcare™ line with AMD Global's integrating software and medical devices for an intuitive and comprehensive point-of-care solution, according to the companies’ press release.

With so many clinicians on the go today, communicating with text and video and smartphones to stay in touch at all times with their offices and patients, this solution makes information available anywhere, anytime, especially important when telemedicine allows healthcare providers and patients to be together even when they’re thousands of miles apart. 

Telemedicine makes it possible for doctors to remotely monitor patients for their heart rate, blood pressure and even blood glucose levels, while also linking them with scans, patient notes and other information they need right away, no matter where they are. Experts predict that the global telehealth market will soar to nearly $17.6 billion in 2016, according to a Healthcare IT News story.

And it’s spreading across the globe. Prisons are even offering it to inmates in the form of telepsychiatry.

The solution includes diagnostic medical devices; AMD’s AGNES™, which gathers and distributes information in real time and tConsult™ Encounter Management Software provides patient case record, linkage of all diagnostic images, data and sound and interfaces it with a wide range of medical devices.

Vidyo’s Healthcare is a video collaboration platform with APIs that allow companies such as AMD Global to provide healthcare professionals with easy access to video communications on laptops, smartphones, desktops and tablets via the Internet, 3G/4G and other general IP networks.

"The clinical telemedicine market has long been in need of a solution that offered both access and mobility for physicians to use from wherever they happen to be, without sacrificing quality," said Dan McCafferty, vice president, global sales and corporate development, AMD global telemedicine, in the press release. "Vidyo's solution satisfies these criteria and offers an outstanding quality video component that is highly complementary to AMD's Agnes software, which is quickly becoming an industry standard. We believe that this is a great marriage of innovation between our two companies."

"There is an increasing demand for workflow integration that allows healthcare practitioners to have all of the tools they need - including a live, natural view of the patient - at their immediate disposal," Dr. Amnon Gavish, Vidyo's senior VP, vertical solutions, was also quoted as saying in the press release. "The point-of-care solution that will result from the Vidyo-AMD Global partnership will not only improve the productivity of healthcare professionals but will also enable quicker and more informed diagnoses and decisions and allow visual communications - along with input from AMD Global's medical devices, measurement of vital signs and access to medical records tools - to be part of examinations, making the experience much closer to an 'in-person' appointment."

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