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Webconferencing-Test Introduces Conferencing Comparison Tool

May 07, 2012

Webconferencing-Test.com, a provider of comparison of Web conferencing and online meeting services, unveiled the launch of Compare Tools Pro designed to offer detailed comparisons of Web conferencing and online meeting solutions.

“Since launching Webconferencing-Test.com six years ago, we have been passionate about developing the most robust and comprehensive comparison portal to help people determine what Web conferencing solution is best for their unique needs,” said Robert Harnischmacher, the managing director at Publicare Marketing Communications and publisher of Webconferencing-Test.com, in a statement.

The new comprehensive and on-demand report product offers vendor-independent reviews and rankings ranging from the most popular and widely adopted Web conferencing solutions to niche and specialty online meeting software companies, company officials said. With this Compare Tools Pro report, companies can narrow down which solutions will fit their infrastructure and situational needs.

Compare Tools Pro offers an on-demand report filled with comprehensive, easy to understand, objective information to help companies quickly analyze possible Web conferencing solutions at an unbeatable price. Users can compare the service without creating multiple test and trial accounts to review solutions or time pouring over information across various websites.

With this new comparison tool, users get immediate access to compare more than 30 Web conferencing solutions, comprehensive and objective analysis on the basis of over 80 functions and criteria, and personalized PDF report that provides a thorough review of each tool and feature matrix.

Pricing starts at $19.00 for a comparison of four products, additional products can be added to each report for $4 each.

The company also offers a Free Evaluation Guide that explains which criteria are important when selecting Web conferencing software.

The Web conferencing comparison tool also offers Compare Tools Free, which is a complimentary service that is designed to deliver an initial overview of the strengths and weaknesses of various solutions.

With Compare Tools Free, users get a snapshot of key categories to consider when reviewing Web conferencing solutions including functionality, usability, meeting setup, software installation, costs, security and system requirements.

Recently a new report by Global Industry Analysts predicted the video conferencing market is set to grow in the coming years and will become a $14 billion global industry by 2017. Currently the United States is the largest video conferencing market, according to Mother Nature Network, but Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli