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Whygo Expands Public Video Conferencing Worldwide

May 07, 2012

Booking a video conferencing facility should be as easy as or easier than booking a flight now. Whygo, an online distributor of public videoconferencing and Telepresence facilities announced the successful integration with the calendaring systems of over 1100 public video conferencing facilities worldwide.

Network providers have strangely been reluctant to interconnect their networks, leading to the incompatibility of telepresence equipment on different networks. Whygo has been offering a network of more than 3000 public video conferencing & Telepresence venues worldwide with 24-hour service by three global operation centers located in Dallas, London and Sydney. Whygo claims to have the largest network of live inventory for public video conferencing rooms in the world.

"We have been working closely with room suppliers the world over for many years to make this a reality so we are very excited about reaching this level of live inventory. Today we use simple calendar synchronizations with Outlook, iCal, Entourage, Google Calendar, iPhone and Blackberry, etc. which means public video conferencing room providers can continue to use the existing calendaring systems they use today and at the same time, simplify the availability and booking process for online providers and customers worldwide," James Matthews, Whygo's chief executive officer said in a press release.

With Whygo’s Videoconferencing facilities, customers can increase productivity, save time and money spent in transit, reduce carbon footprint on the environment and strengthen staff morale by providing a better work-life balance.

Whygo Videoconferencing specializes in providing public video conferencing facilities to both direct and channel customers worldwide. Whygo was the first broker of public video conferencing facilities to develop and deploy an online global booking system. Whygo's online scheduling system can be easily re-branded for other agents, brokers and room providers to utilize and help drive conversions for both their own facilities and the Whygo database of global public locations online.

Earlier on the 27th February, Whygo partnered with myVRM to integrate its Outlook and Lotus Notes booking platform with the Whygo public room network and support structure. This partnership brings private and public room scheduling to a user's existing MS Outlook or Lotus Notes scheduling client which eliminates the need to log into different scheduling platforms or websites. It also allows easy scheduling for virtual rooms which means a user can schedule private rooms, public rooms, Skype, Google+, Lync and any other video conferencing system they want, on any network.

The growth in public video rooms with live inventory is believed to address the conferencing needs faster and more efficiently on their existing email/calendar platform.

Also, on the 20th April, Whygo appointed Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) as its exclusive distribution channel for the travel industry. GVN has created a full end-to-end solution for hotels, travel agents and online booking tools to help travelers incorporate their private and public video conferencing room needs into their travel policies.

By partnering with Telepresence Exchange (TPEX) International back in April 2012, Whygo helped end-users and channel partners to schedule any telepresence system on any network, anywhere, and get the absolute best video conferencing experience available.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli