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TMCNet Conferencing Week in Review

May 05, 2012

It was another huge week in the conferencing space, with lots of news emerging and new products and services emerging right along with it. And we kept right in the thick of it...but if you may have missed a few things, we've got the answer for that with our Friday Week in Review!

First, Radvision made big news with the introduction of a pair of new products. Following rapidly after the introduction of the SCOPIA XT5000 HD video conferencing system, Radvision followed it up with the SCOPIA XT4200 HD video conferencing system, and the SCOPIA XT Meeting Center. The XT4200 allows for a variety of different video technologies to be used in its confines, while the XT Meeting Center is an all in one system that comes with its own 55 inch display for video conferencing.

Next, ePlus Technology came out with a new addition to its Managed Services lineup, bringing video management capabilities along to its already substantial portfolio. The addition of video management capabilities is said to now allow ePlus Technology to cover virtually every aspect of a company's IT infrastructure, from cloud storage and management to unified communications, security systems, and more.

MightyMeeting stepped in with the next bit of news, offering a big update to its popular, eponymous, iOS application. The MightyMeeting for iOS app now includes Nearcast support, which means not only will MightyMeeting be able to display images, documents, and presentations—along with demo videos—but it will also allow for as many as 16 iPhones, or iPads, to connect on a peer-to-peer basis for sharing via a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

Next came word from LoopUp, a rebranding of Ring2 that recently released a set of new conferencing applications that allow for scheduling meetings via Outlook by remote, as well as join conference calls in progress, see alerts for when other people join the conferences that are already in progress, and even mute background noise. LoopUp has been operating since 2003 under the name Ring2, so while the name may be different, the expertise is clear and present.

Woori Investment and Securities brought a valuable piece of news our way by announcing their plans to deploy Polycom RealPresence video solutions, giving them a better set of options by which they can connect regional offices across Korea together. The RealPresence system offers several advantages over the alternatives in scalability, reliability and highly secures connections that are also easy to use. Woori assistant manager for general affairs, Dongsoo Kim, said that, following the installation of Polycom's RealPresence solutions, there were significant improvements in “meeting culture” as well as big boosts in productivity and the streamlining of processes.

And lastly, Polycom made the news again as Western Kentucky University brought their video system on board for providing video classes to those students that live in remote areas. Now, those students that live in smaller cities, or even in the surrounding countryside, can earn a degree from Western Kentucky University without the need to commute to the campus itself. Western Kentucky University offers, at last report, fully 100 video classes every week, and has around 60 students currently participating in the program. But considering that those same classes save around five million total commute miles—and $1 million in fuel costs—the possibilities for other schools are clear.

Indeed, many businesses are discovering the fuel savings, time savings, and cost savings attendant with conferencing. Our global online community is always looking for the latest news in the conferencing sector, so keep it right here for all the latest on this rapidly-growing tech sector!