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LoopUp Conferencing Apps Available through Hong Kong's 1O1O

May 01, 2012

LoopUp may seem like the new kid on the block when it comes to conferencing software, but the company is a rebranding of Ring2, a veteran since 2003. Founders Steve Flavell and Michael Hughes knew there was a need for a product like LoopUp on the market.

“There are a number of really clever products out there, it’s true,” Flavell told 7x7 SF. “The problem is that your normal business person is just not using them. They are sufficiently complicated that you need to go to special training to learn how to use them, and the vast majority of business people have no interest in showing up to training sessions.” The company wanted to create an app that would cut out the annoyances of conferencing calls, such as not knowing who is speaking and distracting noises.

LoopUp is the latest application offering easy-to-use conferencing features. Customers can schedule Outlook meetings from the web or their smartphone, join any meeting of their choice with a big orange button, see alerts as to when people join the conference call, as well as a read out of who is listening in. You can even mute background noise through the app.

 CSL, Hong Kong’s leading provider of mobile networking, is the latest company to partner with LoopUp. The app will be distributed through the 1O1O brand. CSL wants to show its commitment to innovation with the latest partnership. “We're always looking for products and services that can help our corporate customers communicate better with their business partners and clients, and this is precisely what LoopUp is all about," said Paul Hodges of CSL, in a press release.

LoopUp moved an office to Hong Kong in September 2011, though its roots are in the San Francisco Bay area, with the intention to expand its business to the fast-paced Hong Kong market.

Edited by Brooke Neuman