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Voxeet Launches New Product, Enhancing Videoconference Experience

April 24, 2012

Voxeet, an innovative Internet software provider of new conference call technology, recently launched a new product at the DEMO Spring 2012 conference in Santa Clara, California. The DEMO conferences in the United States, China, Brazil and Singapore focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations.

Voxeet enables teams to have crystal clear, relaxed and more productive conversations. Users can easily merge a call from the computer to their mobile, without interrupting the call and disrupting their colleagues. The Voxeet interface shows each person on the call in order to resolve confusion over who’s actually speaking.

The product comes with a screen and 3D sound technology that give participants a visual and audio cue. When the person to the user’s right talks, his/her voice comes from the user’s right. When it’s the turn of the person to the user’s left, his voice comes from the left.

The calls feel natural; people don’t cut out when they talk at the same time and background noise stays where it belongs. For now, Voxeet is compatible with Windows PCs and Android phones. It provides greater clarity through sophisticated audio processing and also lets users manage the call and the people in it through an attractive visual interface.

Stephane Giraudie, Voxeet's Founder and CEO, presented the new product in a six-minute presentation on the DEMO Spring 2012 stage during the conference. "We're honored and excited to have the opportunity to launch Voxeet as a part of the emerging technology community at DEMO Spring 2012,” she said. “We're eager to show everyone that from now on, conference calls will be enormously different for all of us.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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