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TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review

April 21, 2012

Teleconferencing, getting employees at point A and point B—sometimes making room for more points as needed—together without having to get either one out of their respective points is a growing market segment, and as such, we've got plenty of great news to run down for it this Friday.

First, IP Phone Warehouse announced that they were looking to expand their product line by including Cisco TelePresence systems to their offerings. The addition of Cisco products to IP Phone Warehouse's lineup allows for a variety of potentially useful options to be put in play, like turning most any flat-panel display into a videoconferencing system with the Cisco SX20, or putting 1080p videoconferencing in play on an included 42 inch screen with the Cisco MX200. IP Phone Warehouse and Cisco have been working together on a variety of levels since 2006.

AnyMeeting brought out our second piece of news on the week, announcing a new initiative to provide ad-free premium accounts for one year to employees of new start-up businesses in specific areas of Southern California. A variety of incubators and accelerators are slated to take advantage of such an offering, and early reports suggest businesses in the area are very happy with AnyMeeting's offering, looking to use it to allow their employees to work remotely yet still have the necessary collaboration periods and tools they need for their work. AnyMeeting claims over 120,000 registered users to its credit thus far, and AnyMeeting also recently made its way into the Google Apps Marketplace, giving a whole new segment access to its capabilities.

Videoconferencing proved it wasn't just for business as Stargazer Video Chat announced that it was making a foray into online dating, allowing users to come as close to meeting people as is currently possible while not leaving the house. Instead of profiles, users simply join a video chat and start meeting people, where they relate the details they would have related via a profile instead by speaking to people. Considering that over 30 percent of all Internet users have used an online dating website at some point, this seemed like a smart branching out on Stargazer's part.

NextUC brought an exciting piece of news our way, announcing that they'd brought out record numbers of users for their video and web conferencing systems for the month of March. NextUC saw a 67 percent increase in web conferencing and a 230 percent increase in video conferencing over the previous month. Driving the increases appeared to be excellent ease of use levels as well as the sheer variety of functions that NextUC's systems can bring to bear, including unlimited online meetings with Lync audio and video conferencing, access via a variety of devices, no required contracts to sign up and a 60 day evaluation period.

Lastly, we heard about the importance of considering just what services videoconferencing would be used for, and how important it was to consider these uses before deciding on a provider for the services. Factors like size of the business, the level of internal collaboration among employees, and the like are all crucial in the consideration of just which provider of videoconferencing services to use.

Videoconferencing got a whole lot of news this week, giving us a terrific look at all the various uses for it, from small business to dating. And our global online community is always keeping a careful watch for news in the sector. So for those looking to keep abreast of all the newest events going on in videoconferencing, keep it right here for all the very latest.