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SocialDial Unveils CrowdCall

March 29, 2012

Imagine calling someone even when you don’t know his or her phone number. Technology can make everything possible, and SocialDial is a company that claims to allow you to call your Facebook friends or LinkedIn social network even if you don’t have their phone numbers.

Recently, the company announced the introduction of CrowdCall, a new, free mobile app for both iPhone and Android. According to the company, the new solution allows customers to create free conference or group calls with up to 20 people.

CrowdCall doesn't make use dial-in numbers or pins, which is unlike most conferencing or group call services. Here, the host of the group call who has the CrowdCall app selects the participants or a favorite group of participants and then, he/she touches the "Call" button and CrowdCall to create an instant conference. Hosts can also select a number to call to start the conference. Once the host gives the call to the conference number, every other participant is called and the conference starts, the company stated in a press release.

“We wanted to make it easy for anyone to create a conference or group call right from their iPhone or Android phone," said Randy Adams, CEO of Socialdial, Inc. "It's great to connect with friends, family or business associates in a group call, but it has always been complicated and expensive to set up a call, especially from your phone.  We are changing all that with CrowdCall, the easiest, free way to stay in touch.”

In 2011, TMC’s Arvind Arora reported that Bababoo, Inc. a provider of advanced solutions that improves consumer communications such as text, voice, video and data across the social graph, has launched SocialDial, a new and free mobile app for both iPhone and Android that facilitated users to call and text Facebook and LinkedIn friends without even knowing their phone numbers.

Edited by Rich Steeves