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Ittiam Announces the Latest Version of its VCS Mobile

March 02, 2012

Offering full HD peer-to-peer and multi-party video calling on mobile devices, Ittiam has announced the latest version of its VCS Mobile.

Although video communication has revolutionized communications between people, the quality of picture received in these communications still needs improvement. With its 1080p HD picture quality, Ittiam is looking to provide HD clarity for its users. Apart from this improvement in picture quality, users will also get other features such as the ability to multi-task with a desktop virtualization while they enjoy high definition picture.

“Smartphones and tablets will drive the next level of growth in video conferencing, the powerful processors that power these devices in addition with growing high speed connectivity makes it possible for users to engage in high quality video calling on the go," said Anil Kumar, Manager, video communication systems. "With VCS Mobile we are in a position to cater to all video conferencing needs of a business, ranging from desktop video phones, high definition video conferencing systems, telepresence systems and now portable devices.”

Users can now hold multi-party conferences on their smartphones thanks to the company’s embedded bridging technology. The VCS Mobile also provides an adaptive bandwidth allocator that adapts to the changing network scenario while the communication is taking place, the company stated in a press release.

Recently, InterDigital collaborated with Ittiam, which resulted in a system which will look to extend Wi-Fi technology into TV White Space (TVWS) as well as other under-utilized frequency bands.

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