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The Year Ahead - with Vidtel's Scott Wharton

December 30, 2011

TMCnet recently asked some of the leading lights in the industry for their thoughts about 2011 and what’s in store for the year ahead.

Here’s what Scott Wharton, CEO of Vidtel, had to say.

Vidtel is a cloud-based service provider offering a hosted videoconferencing service. The company is creating what it says is the first open videoconferencing network to allow B2B connectivity using any standard videoconferencing device. The solution includes a free, standards-based video calling address and connects one videoconferencing enterprise to another, anywhere in the world.

What was your company’s greatest achievement in 2011?

Wharton: Developed the first gateway to Skype and Google that breaks down the walls of proprietary barriers and enables consumer-grade applications to connect easily to enterprise video systems.

What are your business’s goals for 2012?

Wharton: Launch and successfully support a channel program with videoconferencing vendors, video VARs, MSPs and VoIP service providers to bring cloud videoconferencing in to the mainstream SME market.

How would you describe your outlook for business and the economy at large heading into 2012?

Wharton: The health of the economy continues to suffer. In some ways, our service is a countervailing trend in that we can provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional business videoconferencing or business travel. 

If there’s one thing you’d like to see happen related to business in the year ahead, what is that one thing?

Wharton: We’d like to see a raised awareness of cloud videoconferencing among the millions of small-to-medium sized businesses that have been effectively shut out of enterprise-quality videoconferencing due to IT complexities and cost.

If 2011 was the year of cloud and/or the year of the tablet, 2012 will be the year…

Wharton: that video collaboration occurs across all modes – from smartphones connecting to room-based systems. Companies that get this will be reaping the benefits ahead of their competitors.