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ViVu, TiE Provide HD Conference Solutions to Chapters

October 19, 2010

ViVu entered into a partnership with TiE to give TiE chapters worldwide the ability to use ViVu's multi-party video conferencing service. VuRoom's HD video conferencing and rich collaborative features facilitates TiE chapters to connect and collaborate in support of the organization's mission.

With the help of ViVu, the TiE Network can share best practices, documents and important information about events; record and archive team sessions for access by members unable to attend; host joint events and chat with guest speakers in numerous locations; and cultivate relationships with other charter members, chapter presidents and executive directors.

ViVu's MXTP technology enables instant multi-party HD video conferencing with crystal-clear audio, accessible through regular broadband internet connections and without any special hardware. Content can be quickly accessed and shared, with perfect sync between video, audio, slides and chat, for simplified archiving and on-the-fly collaboration anytime, anywhere. Importantly, calls can be instantly recorded, archived and accessed later using TiVo-like playback.

In a press release, PK Agarwal, CEO of TiE Global, said, "During our call sessions, some of our chapter leader. ViVu has useful collaboration and user-friendly features so our members can enjoy the experience of connecting with each other."

Sudha Valluru, CEO of ViVu, added, "The opportunity to facilitate communication between TiE Chapters all over the world, and demonstrate the superior value of our video collaboration solutions to future business leaders, is very exciting. ViVu looks forward to helping TiE achieve its worthy goal of supporting entrepreneurs worldwide."

Recently, BitGravity, a content delivery network (CDN) purpose-built to deliver HD video-on-demand and live streaming, and ViVu announced a partnership that promises to expand videoconferencing capacity to the 1:100,000 level, by deploying ViVu's video-centric desktop conferencing and collaboration application on BitGravity's global HD network.

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