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Avistar Showcases at Interop New York 2010 Conference

October 19, 2010

Avistar, a dealer in unified visual communications, demonstrated its video conferencing solutions at Interop New York 2010. The company claimed that the video conferencing solutions displayed to attendees are built to meet customer demand for price/performance, interoperability, ubiquity, resource management and scalability.

In a press release, Stephen Epstein, CMO of Avistar, stated that Avistar continues to deliver innovative videoconferencing solutions for today's market, while ensuring that clients and the market in general have access to business class videoconferencing across a wide variety of platforms, devices and applications. At Interop, businesses can see first-hand a range of solutions for the office, remote location, or on the road, all powered by Avistar and available today.

Attendees at Avistar’s Interop demonstration were explained about the technological prowess of Avistar C3 Business Pro Edition, an all-software videoconferencing architecture that is specifically designed to offer scalable call routing, economical multiparty bridging and bandwidth management without the need for any infrastructure overhaul.

Avistar delivers a cost-effective, high-quality, single-click desktop videoconferencing and collaboration experience that make it easy for users to communicate with people in other offices, from the road or from home. Avistar C3 allows customers to take full advantage of videoconferencing without experiencing degradation of service. The solution’s dynamic bandwidth management enables thousands of users to access desktop videoconferencing, VoIP and streaming media.

Also on exhibit, the company noted the Avistar C3 Communicator solution, delivering a business-class desktop videoconferencing experience - all while leveraging current infrastructure and networks. The Avistar C3 – Microsoft OCS Edition can be connected to any existing Microsoft OCS platform to enable desktop visual communications to users. And the Avistar C3 Media Engine solution, which delivers communication enabled business processes to any application.

The company has claimed that the Avistar C3 can replace most business travel with face-to-face video communications that keep relationships strong, ensure projects move forward and bring a solid return on investment.

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