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TMCNet:  Noction Releases IRP 4.0, Featuring an Exclusive BGP Inbound Performance Optimization Capability

[May 11, 2022]

Noction Releases IRP 4.0, Featuring an Exclusive BGP Inbound Performance Optimization Capability

Noction Inc., a leading developer of cutting-edge network automation and traffic visibility software, has released a new version of the BGP routing optimization platform, IRP 4.0.

The highly-anticipated version lays a foundation for the new era of BGP optimization practices - objective, automated, and blazing fast actions to control BGP traffic routing across the board, optimizing both ingress and egress traffic.

IRP v 4.0 introduces an exclusive Inbound BGP Performance Optimization feature, which allows automated shaping of inbound traffic as per predefined user-specific rules and explicit network performance indicators.

Inbound BGP Performance Optimization Overview:

Most organizations running multihomed networks tune BGP configuration on their routers to control traffic routing. While content providers primarily focus on their outbound traffic, access providers attempt to handle their inbound traffic behavior. For most of them, however, controlling the flow of the incoming interdomain traffic is a challenging task. The hardship of directing the flow of ingress traffic lies in the difficulty of predicting which BGP route will be selected by distant ASes and the need for a high number of manual changes when applying specific traffic engineering techniques.

The automated Inbound BGP Performance Optimization feature introuced in IRP 4.0 specifically addresses the challenges described above. It is based on the proprietary network performance metrics identification algorithm and the use of customer traffic engineering (TE) capabilities of particular IRP client's providers.

To enable Inbound Performance Optimization, users configure a set of rules. Such rules govern the selection of prefixes that are due to be analyzed/probed by the platform, according to network-specific needs and requirements. The rules also contain details of particular providers' traffic engineering policies.

There are two modes in which the inbound performance improvements can be enabled in IRP:

Automated - all inbound performance improvements are enabled/disabled automatically when such are calculated.

Moderated - a manual confirmation of the inbound performance improvements is mandatory. Once IRP detects an improvement, a suggestion to enable it is displayed in the platform's frontend. While in this mode, the system does not perform any improvements without the user's explicit confirmation.

"Noction IRP 4.0 sets the bar high when it comes to network performance optimization. The advanced platform capabilities introduced in this release make BGP routing tuning a genuinely effortless process for all kinds of multihomed networks, regardless of their traffic ratios and characteristics, be it heavily inbound, outbound or balanced," - John Strong, CEO of Noction.

To get more information on the complete set of features and improvements available with IRP 4.0, please contact us at or schedule a personalized demo.

About Noction

Noction is an independent industry-leading technology company with the main area of expertise in network traffic analysis and BGP network performance automation, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the maximum network performance for business-critical applications such as e-commerce, VoIP, and media streaming across IP networks. For more information, visit

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