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TMCNet:  Obkio: A Montreal Startup launch a new Network Performance Monitoring software

[December 04, 2018]

Obkio: A Montreal Startup launch a new Network Performance Monitoring software

MONTREAL, Dec 4, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Obkio is proud to announce its first product launch, a solution that empowers IT Administrators with a simple network tool to proactively optimize end-user experience.

Managers agree that their staff's productivity has a large impact on corporate overall productivity.  However, many of them have more difficulty to admit that the productivity of employees is more and more dependent on proper functioning of their computer tools and more specifically of their business applications' performance.

Jean-Francois Levesque, Founder and CEO of Obkio said: "With Cloud services being more important for enterprises around the world, the IT Administrators need simple and effective Network Performance Monitoring tools to analyze and troubleshoot Cloud connectivity issues proactively before the end-user complains".

The principal key differentiator for Obkio is its overall simplicity. The maintenance-free software installation is done in a few seconds, and the configuration can be done through a Mobile App. Pierre-Luc Charbonneau, VP Sales & Marketing at Obkio comments: "We have great feedback from Managed Services Providers (MSP) and Voice over IP (VoIP) Providers that rely on the Internet to deliver their services. Even if they are not responsible for the Internet connectivity, they are using Obkio to proactively offer customer support and decrease their troubleshooting delays." Mr. Charbonneau continued, "Companies that use our solution gain maturity and experience every time they solve a problem they could not identify before".

The two entrepreneurs have plenty of ideas in mind to develop their product. In the coming months, the development of features will serve to deepen this question by pointing more and more precisely to the root causes of the problem and add Application Performance Monitoring tools.

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About Obkio

Obkio is based in Montreal, Canada and has been founded in February 2018. Obkio empowers IT Administrator with simple network and application performance intelligence tools to proactively optimize end-user experience. Learn more at



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