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TMCNet:  Hodusoft Announce Advanced Billing module (Prepaid, Postpaid) in IP PBX Software

[July 10, 2018]

Hodusoft Announce Advanced Billing module (Prepaid, Postpaid) in IP PBX Software

Hodusoft, leaders in VoIP technologies, announced that it has revamped the billing module in its IP PBX software. It is more advanced than in the previous version and includes automatic invoicing. Along with the integrated payment gateways like PayPal payment gateway this makes revenue collection an easy process. The prepaid and postpaid models of billing make life easier for VoIP service providers who usually offer IP PBX software to end users or to resellers and resellers to can take advantage of billing features to bill their customers while the service provider bills them in bulk. Postpaid and prepaid channels are separated for better administration and accounting. Hundreds of thousands of calls can be metered and billed very precisely. Service providers and their resellers can fix parameters for each and every feature Of the PBX software as they see fit.

The entire system is automated and keeps track of usage by each individual client and offers customization for prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Hodusoft’s IP PBX system itself is feature rich and modular. It includes WebRTC for easy audio and video conference and chat besides document sharing and this feature can be included in packages for prepaid or postpaid customers or offered as extra. This is but one possibility for VoIP service providers to rationalize and improve their billing systems while keeping customers engaged.

The billing features of Hodusoft IP PBX software are finely structured. For instance, in a prepaid service the call fees are deducted immediately and a notification is sent to user. Such users can also check their balance. It is possible to set rates according to extensions, time periods, call types and call duration. VoIP Service providers can, of course, set rules for least cost routing for their own benefit and for benefit of their clients. They also are provided with a dashboard to manage billing, generate repots and access call logs of each user in postpaid and prepaid channels.

Unlike separate billing software, the integrated billing module means that the entire IP PBX solution works as a whole, with calls and facilities being used by a particular always reflecting in his account and also being channeled to the billing module. There are no possibilities of error or time lapses. It is also possible for service providers to provide a structured and slab wise rate plan for their resellers in this advanced billing module of IP PBX Hodusoft IP PBX is a multi-tenant packaged solution with multi-lingual capabilities, auto provisioning, busy lamp field function, least cost routing and WebRTC. The integrated billing module just got better, making the entire package an even better one and the ideal choice for VoIP services.

Contact Hodusoft by phone on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat online at

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